Flowers on the Farm welcomes the flower season

with special pricing on

you-pick flower buckets and bouquets.

Flower Bucket:  $25

Flower Bouquet:  $15

Farm Market

Homemade Ice Cream

Fresh Fudge

Handmade Flower Headbands

& Scrunchies

Butterfly Kites & Garden Spinners

Local Spices, Coffee & Syrups

Jams, Salsas and more!

Food Truck

The 106 Street Food Truck

- Street Food Burger

- Pork Schnitzel

- 106 Gyro

- Falafel

- Chicken Schwarma

 Free parking and free admission to Flowers on the Farm

Please follow all farm rules, including no pets, smoking or alcohol allowed on the farm.


Flowers on the Farm
June 25-26-27
10 am - 2 pm